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What Is Compounding Medication and Who Needs It?


You may have heard of compounding medication upon browsing our pharmacy in San Diego, California. However, what is compounding medication and who needs it? Compounding medication refers to custom medication that is specifically mixed and prepared based on a prescription from a doctor.

As a provider of pharmaceutical products, we usually prepare compounding medications for doctors in these fields:

  • Dermatologists who deal with ailments of the skin
  • Pain specialists
  • Endocrinologists who deal with hormonal imbalances and endocrine disorders
  • Gastroenterologists who deal with illnesses in the digestive systems
  • Veterinarians in need of custom medication for animals

You may need compounded drugs if you have an allergy to certain ingredients or dyes in the commercially available drug or if you have difficulty swallowing and require a liquid form of the medication.

These medications aren’t made commercially available unlike branded or generic medications and are not FDA-approved. By federal law, compounding should only be done by a licensed pharmacist in a state-licensed pharmacy or federal facility.

Are you in need of medications in California? We at Proactive Care Pharmacy LLC will make sure to provide you with quality medication, medical supplies, and pharmacy services.

We have various services including compounding, refill prescriptions, transfer prescriptions, delivery, and discount price Medication.

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