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Top Reasons Why Pharmacists Compound


Generally, compounding medicine is one of the top requests of consumers due to different reasons. Pharmacists do compound to provide the patient the medication that’s in accordance with their health condition. As a pharmacy in San Diego, California, we offer compounding. We do this to deliver the unique needs of each patient.

Usually, there are pharmaceutical products available for the customer right away. They arrive in the pharmacy premade and are given right away to customers. However, there are instances that a pharmacist will customize medication for a customer. They do this because the drug is not available or just due to the following reasons:

  • The patient that needs the medicine has allergies. We cannot avoid possible allergens found in some medications.
  • The prescription is for a child. Generally, makers formulate medications with adults in mind. However, these medicines inevitably need to be taken by children. That is why pharmacists will compound medicines to create an alternative that is safe for the child to take in.
  • The pills are potentially hazardous. That is why pharmacists have to take precautions to prevent possible systemic side effects.
  • The physician requires customization of the medicine to meet the medical needs of a patient.

Proactive Care Pharmacy LLC can provide you with the medicine compounding services that you need.

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