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A Flu Shot Is Vital to Your Safety and Health

A Flu Shot Is Vital to Your Safety and Health

Although flu shots have always been an important health requirement that people should get yearly, it has become more critical for individuals to get vaccinated today. With the threat of COVID-19 and the upcoming flu season, people have more to risk now than ever before, and that is because researchers have yet to find out how the influenza virus will react to COVID-19.

We at Proactive Care Pharmacy LLC care about your health and safety. Thus, we suggest you and your loved ones get vaccinated before the end of October. Though the vaccine does not guarantee 100% efficacy, it can lessen your risks of experiencing severe flu symptoms.

“If COVID cases go up this winter, we don’t want the health system to be overwhelmed with both COVID and the flu”, says Natasha Chida, MD, an infectious disease physician at The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.

Don’t delay. Take action today!

Contact your doctor so that he/she can give you the best possible options for you and your family’s vaccination.

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Clients may bill Medicare for DME to make treatments more affordable and cost-effective.

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